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Projectplace Login for Safari/Chrome


Finally I got around and created a extension for Safari that let’s me “auto” login into Projectplace. No more entering of user name and password for us using Safari!

After installation a single Toolbar button will be added to your Safari, clicking on it will log you into Projectplace, bypassing the login pages.

Please do remember that this is not an official Projectplace App, I have simply used it to make my life a bit easier. This is not in any way endorsed or supported by Projectplace!

If you find something strange or that the extension does not work, please contacts me(olle.dahlstrom_at_gmail.com) and not Projectplace.

Please do download it and try it out!

Change log
* Ver 2.1: Modifications to the Socket calls to the NodeJS server, now not under ssl.
* Ver 2.0: The same functionality but now NodeJS is running in the background –> Faster updates!
* Ver 1.8: Removed the option to get notifications of Conversations in Projectplace. Who would not want it?!
* Ver 1.7: Some general bug fixes.
* Ver 1.6: See this page
* Ver 1.5: General bug fixing
* Ver 1.4: Added a new settings option that let’s the user set if the Extension shall reload the current main page in Projectplace, or always send the user to the start page. This applies only when Projectsplace is already open in a tab.

* Ver 1.3: Changes to how the updates of Projectplace is done, the @CoBPEZ feature. If Projectplace is open in a tab, the update will only be on the content frame and not a complete reload of Projectplace. In other words, the toolbar button will simply be a “reload” in that case.

* Ver 1.2: Fixed an error with the automatic updates

* Ver 1.1: Initial Version

Possible future development:

*Display number of unread Wall Posts on Toolbar button.
*Toolbar click open custom page with with Wall Posts


The same features in Safari is found in the Chrome Version that you can get here:


Known Issues in Chrome Version

* If your password contains a ; sign, you will not be able to login into Projectplace. I’m look at a fix for this.