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Here’s looking at you Ram

Filed Under (Projectplace) by Olle on 08-11-2010

So Ram have been leaning on me for the past two days to write a blog post as I normally do when down here in Bangalore. I have told him that he needs to feed me material for me to be able to do it.
Unfortunately he does not give me much, it’s just the same stuff as always. He swears a lot(now even the grammar police on Twitter knows about him #Evidence here >>), and say’s it’s only due to me being present. He talks about not being worthy his pay, and I agree. When I talk about commits and say “I can’t wait until I can $ git commit -m "small modification of jada jada" something again”, he says “Talk to Taquin about it, he won’t like it“.
We still don’t understand each other. An example of this is that we went out looking for some stuff for my kids after work today, and we ended up walking around in a mall for 45minutes because I thought he was looking for some PS3 games, when it turned out he though that I was looking for it. After that I went home.
He is still careful with stuff. Yesterday is was raining really hard when we left the office, and what did Ram do. Did he turn on the windscreen wipers, no not Ram. He manually, every minute or so,  turns them on leaving us in total blindness for 58 seconds per minute in the middle of Bangalore rush hour traffic. I couldn’t stand it for more then two minutes. With a bit of  yelling and  force I was able to “convince” Ram to turn the wipers on. I did not ask when I turned the AC to “mist-removal-mode” instead of “foot-heating-mode” Ram runs. Rams comments, “Ahh, so that’s what it’s for“.
Ram still gets his blisters all over the body. He claims it’s the bad Bangalore air that does that to him. So how does Ram solve it. In real Ram fashion, he take the 3 hour drive to Salem and lays down in his fathers rise field for an hour and is cured.
But I guess some things have changed.
He talks a lot about love, and now not only love for me or Annika and Annika at the Stockholm office. He talks about changing his name to Svensson and building a house. He even mentioned that he would like to have a Golden Retriever as his second dog. Yeah, I’d like to see Ram walking the streets of Bangalore with two dogs.
Another change is that he now drives like a true Bangalorian. In other words, he uses the horn more then the breaks. He has even stopped screaming at other drivers, since he has as everyone else in Bangalore, totally given up. In his own words “The traffic is insane, this town is insane, the country is insane and my dad says I’m insane“.
Another big change is that Ram has started to go to the gym, my guess is that it is Durgesh who forces him to go. He say’s he will look like Hrithik Rosha in a month or two.

So not much have changed here in the country of holy cows.

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