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A new version of the Projectplace Extension

Filed Under (Projectplace, Safari) by Olle on 20-09-2010

Now with the 1.6 version I feel I’m starting to get to the extension I from start aimed at.

In the new version we now have checks for new Conversations from the, by Projectplace, newly released Social Overview.

If you have been notified by a new conversation you will see1 it on the button as a label.
This image show a user who has two “unread” conversations awaiting inside Projectplace,  a click on the button will clear the saved number of conversations and log you into the system.

In the future I see a potential new Extension bar to be able to present more information since the toolbar label is somewhat limited. Today I only present the name of the last new Conversation and who created it in the button title.

Settings window

The new settings window have gotten a new option, “Check for conversation”. If you enable it, the Extension will automatically check for updates every 2 minutes. I use the HTML5 localstorage features to store the number of new Conversations and who created it. The current Database Quota is 5mb, so hopefully you will not get a question to accept a higher Quota.

Of course you can disable this if you feel like it, but the question is why you would want to do this. The new conversations are really good, so use them!

If you have the Extension installed, you will get a question to update it, and if you currently have not installed it, feel free to download the Extension HERE

Hopefully I’ll send out an update for the Chrome Extension, with the same features, as soon as I get the time.
1 Due to different technical issues, you will not see the notifications if you are using the Projectplace for iPhone app. The iPhone app is simply to fast :-)

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