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The Bangalore Report IV – Day 2

Filed Under (Projectplace, Social) by Olle on 17-05-2010

Finally back in the hotel room at 11pm after a long day.

The day started out by Ram blaming me for all the bad things that happend to him durring my 24 hours in India.
Apparently he had no electricity durring the night, so the AC did not work, leaving the flat hot as hell. Olle to blame, and not the thunderstorms raging all night.
Rams phone ran out of power, and since he uses it as his alarm clock, it did not wake him up on time. Olle to blame.
Rams cow and auto rickshaw incident was also to blame on me.  Finally we reach the office and  Ram manages to scratches the side of his car in a big brick wall when we are about to park… Hmm, now this is what you would call a bad start of the day.
Ram finally calms down when he gets his cup of coffee, and starts to talk about other things. But when it turns out I’m the only one in the office that has Internet access(since I’m not running on the Projectplace network), Ram have had enough. He stands up and screams: “The internet was working fin all last week, the moment you step in to the office, it’s down!”

Other then that a lot of things happend durring the day, both good and not so good things. All I can say is that transparency and honesty will always win in the long run.

When finally Ram let me of at the hotel, I managed to get some dinner in the restaurant before it closed. Somehow I always manage to eat when no one else is eating. Yesterday a couple of hours to early, and tonight a couple of hours to late. Interesting thing, they did not serve any beers tonight in the restaurant.. A white monday they said, ok.

After dinner I talked to the family back home on Skype, but the kids did not want to talk to me since it was Lilla Sportspegeln on Bobster. Well I talked to my wife at least, and she told me that a ash cloud was approaching Sweden. I’m really hoping that this does not become a problem on my trip back to Sweden. But if it does, if I where Ram, I would blame me.


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  1. :-) Nice. À white lovely Monday to forget!

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